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Service Period

  • A time period which typically matches a club's membership or fiscal year. RegattaCentral recommends a 365 day Service Period which begins and ends with your membership year (for example: Jan 1st to Dec. 31st).
    • NOTE: We discourage creating service periods for each season (i.e. Summer, Fall, Winter)

Service Catalog

  • Services (e.g. memberships, classes, etc.) are created and stored in the Service Catalog under different categories. The Service Catalog stores a generic version of a service that can be used year to year.


  • A Service is classified as a membership, class, program, or anything which requires registration. Within each Service, Staff have the ability to assign fees, service dates, registration dates, and publish dates for all the club's services. You select services from the Service Catalog and add them to the services list for your current service period. For example, you may create a service called 'Annual Membership' in the service catalog. You can select this service year after year from the catalog by changing the specifics of the membership in the 'Services' tab. Step-by-step instructions on creating a new service can be found here.


  • 'Field' refers to the area in which user information is entered and stored. Fields are created by club administrators and are linked to services to create custom registration forms. Several field formats are available including: Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, Drop Down Menu, Date Picker and Waiver/Terms & Conditions. Click here to learn how to create a field.


  • A bundle of selected Service(s) that have the ability to be embedded on a club's webpage as an Iframe.



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