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This wiki page can be used to gain basic information about the creation of services through RegattaCentral's club management software. Read through the questions below for basic information. Users who are new to the software may find the step-by-step instructions and screenshots in the Instructions section most useful.

If you have a more advanced configuration question please contact RegattaCentral support.

What is a service?

The term service refers any program for which a user can register, or any item that can be purchased. The club management software is very flexible and can be used to collect registrations and/or payments for a wide variety of things. Here are a few examples of services currently available:

  • Annual Membership
  • Junior Competitive Fall/Winter Program
  • Learn-to-Row Weekly Session
  • End of Season Banquet: Parent Ticket
  • Uniform Order: Unisuit
  • Full Year Boat Storage: Single
  • U23 Competitive Summer Camp
  • Annual Affiliate Fee
How do I create services?

Each club or organization has a Services Catalog where each service is created and stored. The Services Catalog should be used to make a basic model of the service that can be used year after year. For example, you may create a service in the Memberships category called 'Annual Membership'. This basic service can be customized each year in the Services tab where you can edit the title, cost, and dates for the service.

Services listed in the Services Catalog can be used multiple times in the same Service Period. For example, an organization may offer a One Hour Learn-to-Row class a few times a week. The organization would create the One Hour Learn-to-Row class in the Services Catalog then set up a day and time for each time the class is offered.

Spring 2013 Update: New Administrative Tool

Staff may now list catalog items multiple times in the same Service Period. Days and times can be added through the Service Editor (click on the title of a service to view the Service Editor). This option is available in the following categories:

  • Teams & Groups
  • Camps & Clinics
  • Learn-To-Row
  • Programs & Classes
  • Corporate Leagues


How do I collect information about a participant or account holder?

You can create a custom registration form for each service by creating custom fields. The club management system automatically collects basic account holder information for you (such as name, address, phone number, and email address) as well as basic information about the participant (such as name, gender, birthdate, and affiliation). Collection of participant information is optional and can be controlled through the service editor.


Adding a New Service

Returning Users

If you or another club administrator have previously provisioned catalog items and fields, you can skip to Step 7 below for a refresher on activating services. You DO NOT need to create new catalog items each year.

  1. Go to RegattaCentral and Login
  2. Click on the 'Services, Fields, Periods, Groups & Discounts' link in the Club/Clinic Staff box located in the bottom left hand corner of the screen
  3. Click on the 'Services Catalog' tab then select the category from the 'Category' drop down menu
  4. Click the 'New Catalog Item' button. This will open the Catalog Editor
  5. Enter the information about the service and click the 'OK' button. A description of the Catalog Editor is available in the Additional Resources section below. The service is now created in the Service Catalog
  6. Add custom Fields to the catalog item. Instructions on adding fields can be found here.
  7. Click on the 'Services' tab to access and add to the list of services activated for the current service period. Select the Service Period and the Category of the service that you created
  8. Click on 'Add Services'
  9. Check the box to the left of the service and fill out the additional information about the service (information about the Add Services Wizard is available in the Additional Resources section)
  10. Click 'OK' to update the service and add it to the Services list
  11. Your service is now active. If you want discounts to apply you can go to the 'Discounts' tab and follow these instructions.
Days & Times

Click on the Service Title to add days and times. The format should follow these guidelines:

  • At least one day and a time range must be provided
  • Separate each day/time combination with a comma
  • Times must be in 24-hr format
  • Examples of valid formats:
    • M 18:00-19:00
    • M 6:00-7:00, W 18:00-19:00
    • Sa 10:00-12:00, Su 10:00-12:00
  • Codes for days:
    • Monday: M
    • Tuesday: T
    • Wednesday: W
    • Thursday: Th
    • Friday: F
    • Saturday: Sa
    • Sunday: Su

Additional Resources

Catalog Editor Features
TitleThe name of the service. Keep the title simple in the Catalog Editor, e.g. Annual Membership instead of 2012-2013 Annual Membership
Group Code

Used when exporting registration and financial information.


Used when exporting registration and financial information. This use to be the 'Ledger Code' but the name was updated to better match Quickbooks terminology.

GLA stands for General Ledger Account, which is a term pulled from QuickBooks. If a GLA# is added to the setup of the service, reports can be run that will be based on the General Ledger Account configuration in the club's QuickBooks. For example, if a club tracks Adult Programs and the General Ledger Account number for adult programs is 3030 in QuickBooks, then the GLA # 3030 could be added to all of the adult programs that are set up in RegattaCentral. The club could then pull a report for all 3030 registrations, and it would show all of the adult programs coded with that GLA #.

The club would have to add the GLA # to every service in order for it to work correctly. Sub-categories can also be added under the GLA #. In the example below, the subcategory for Learn to Row programs is ‘.01’, and the sub-category for camps is ‘.02’.

GLA 3030 Adult Services

                3030.01 – LTR Adults

                3030.02 - Adult Camps

GLA 3040 Youth Services

                3040.01 – LTR Youth

                3040.02 – Youth Camps


Registration Form

ParticipantSelect Required if you would like to collect the name of a participant. Select Omit if you do not need to collect the name of a participant.
BirthdateIf you choose to collect a Participant name you can make the Birthdate field Required or Optional. Select Omit if you have no need to collect birthdates.
Affiliation (available with select categories)Select Omit if you have no need to collect the affiliation of participants. Select Required if you would like to force users to select their affiliation from a drop down menu. The Same as Host option will automatically assign the same affiliation as the host organization.
Volunteer Requirement 
Outreach ProgramCheck this box if the service is part of an outreach program. Outreach programs aim to include groups that might not otherwise benefit from rowing. Services designated as outreach may not charge a fee (likewise, RegattaCentral does not charge for processing Outreach services).

Copy and paste a URL into this box if you would like to provide a link to additional information or to your club's website

DisplayThis option lets the host decide whether the service should be published on any RegattaCentral pages. If set to 'Yes' anyone will be able to view and register for the service. If set to 'No (Must use custom links)' you will need to provide links to people who are authorized or invited to register for the service. 'Staff-only' services will be only be available to club administrators through Participant & Member Management.

The total number of spots or items available. Type "-1" if an unlimited number of people can register.

Example: You offer a Learn-to-Row Class that is limited to 18 participants. Enter 18 into the Capacity box so that registration will close after the 18th person registers

Max Qty/PersonThe total number of times that one participant can register for the same service
DescriptionProvide a brief description of the service
ArchivedCheck this box to archive catalog items that are no longer needed. The system keeps a record of the archived item. Archived items can be viewed by selecting the 'Include Archived Records' box before selecting a Category.
Add Services Wizard Features
CostThe cost of the service

Copy and paste a URL to provide a link to specific information about the service

Notify Emails

Notification emails will be sent when someone registers for the service. Enter the email address to which the notification emails should be sent. Multiple email addresses can be separated by commas.

Dates & Deadlines

Service Dates

Select the start and end dates for the actual service. If it is a one day program the start and end dates will be the same.
PublishThe time period that the service will be visible on RegattaCentral and club websites


The time period during which registration will be open



  • United States & Canada: 614-360-2922
  • Australia: +61 2 6100 4216


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