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The frequently asked questions below offer some basic information about fields. The Instructions section offers step-by-step directions and screenshots of the process. Please contact us if you have a question that is not addressed in the documentation below.

What is a field?

A field is a text area or check box used to collect information on a Service's registration form. Fields can be configured in a variety of ways, and each field type looks different on the registration form. Field types are described below in the Additional Information section.

How many fields should I create?

The club management software automatically collects basic account holder information for you (such as name, address, phone number, and email address) as well as basic information about the participant (such as name, gender, birthdate, and affiliation). Collection of participant information is optional and can be controlled through the service editor.

Fields are used to collect any additional information you need about the participant or account holder, so the number will vary between services. Some organizations will have 20 fields on the registration form and will collect everything from emergency contact information to meal preferences. Other services will require only one or two fields. For example, a registration form for regatta volunteers may only need to collect the time of day that they are able to volunteer.

What are Participant and Item fields?

Participant fields are linked to a participant and will pre-populate each time the participant registers for a service. Item fields must be filled in each time the participant registers. Item fields can be used for information that must be updated each time a person registers. For example, waivers are typically set up as item fields so that the registrant will be forced to accept the terms and conditions each time they register.


Create a New Field
  1. Go to RegattaCentral and Login
  2. Click 'Services, Fields, Periods, Groups & Discounts' in the Club/Clinic Staff box
  3. Select the Fields tab and click the 'New Field' button
  4. Enter a Title
    1. The Title will appear on the registration form
  5. Use the drop down box to select the desired Field Type
    1. Text fields will allow the user to type information into a text box
      1.  Example: The Title would read "Rowing Experience" and the Description would read "Where did you learn to row?" so that the user knows what to enter into the text box
    2. Waiver/Terms & Conditions fields allow the user to acknowledge that they have viewed and/or accept your text
      1. Selecting this field type will make the 'Agreement Text' and 'Attestation Text' boxes appear. Enter your waiver or other text into the 'Agreement Text' box and edit the 'Attestation Text' if necessary
    3. Checkbox, Dropdown, or Radio Button fields force the user to select an option from a list
      1. NOTE: Checkboxes allow the user to select more than one option. Dropdown and Radio Button limit the user to one choice.
      2. Selecting one of these three types will make an Options section appear.
        1. Enter each option using the 'Add' button.
        2. Use the 'Max' dropdown menu to limit the number of times each option can be selected (if necessary)
        3. Use the Remove, Sort, Up, Down buttons to manage the options
    4. URL, Telephone Number, Email Address will force the user to enter the information in the correct format
      1. Example: email address must be entered as ''. If there is no '@' sign making it valid, field will not be considered complete.

  6. Select the Category that best describes the new field
  7. (optional) Enter a Description. This text will appear when the user hovers over the field on the entry form
  8. (optional) Enter a Comment if desired. Comments are visible only to staff and administrators
  9. (optional) The 'Archived' option can be used later if you need to retire the field from use
  10. Click 'OK' when you have entered all of the required information
  11. This will add your field to the list in the Fields tab. Next you will go to the Services tab to assign fields to services
Add Fields to Services

Fields should be added immediately after a catalog item is created so that they can be pulled into each service period when the catalog item is activated. Fields can be edited in the 'Services' tab, but most work with fields should be done in the 'Services Catalog'. NOTE: Editing fields in the 'Services' tab will not affect the fields listed for the catalog item in the 'Services Catalog'.

  1. In the Services Catalog tab select the Category of the service
  2. If the service is new and has no fields selected click the 'none' link. If other fields have been selected you will click the link showing the number of fields selected (e.g. '1,2,0')
    1. You will need to add Participant and Item fields separately (please see Club Management terms for clarification on participant vs. item level fields)
  3. Check off each field that you would like to appear on the registration form for the service. Use the radio buttons to indicate whether the field is Required, Optional, or Staff Use
    1. Required: the registrant will be forced to complete the field
    2. Optional: the field will appear on the registration form but the user will not be forced to complete it
    3. Staff Use: the field will appear only in Staff reports (e.g. a checkbox to indicate that medical forms have been received by mail)
  4. Click the 'OK' button to add the fields to the service
  5. Click the 'sort' link to drag-and-drop fields into the correct order. Click the 'Close' button in this editor to save your changes

Additional Information

Field Types


Options presented in a list format. User makes one or more selections using the checkbox to the left of each option

DateUser will select a day, month, and year for their answer

Options presented in a dropdown menu. User is limited to one selection.

Radio Button

Options presented in list format. User makes one selection using the radio button to left of each option
TextUser types information into a text box
Waiver/Terms & Conditions

User is presented with attestation text and a checkbox. Waiver text will appear when user hovers over attestation text



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