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  • Using the Accounting Report
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The accounting report allows you to see registrations, payments and discounts for any service.

Note: These instructions are for club administrators who have staff access to their club's management resources


To generate an Accounting Report follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Log into your RegattaCentralaccount and click on the 'Accounting' link located in the Club/Clinic Staff Box.
  2. You will be brought to the Accounting Report Homepage where you can create a report for any service located in the drop-down menu. Click the desired Service you want an Accounting Report for.
  3. An Accounting Report will be created giving you the ability to view:
    1. Under whose account the Service was registered.
    2. The Services each participant is registered for.
    3. The amount the participant owes for each Service.
    4. Any discounts.



  • United States & Canada: 614-360-2922
  • Australia: +61 2 6100 4216


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