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Your regatta is listed with RC, now what? Read the tips below to get started managing your regatta.

  1. Configure Events, Fees and Handicaps-Event lists can be configured using our event editor. At minimum, you will need to input a gender (Man, Woman, Mixed) and a shell (ex: 1x, 2x, 8+). You can also add descriptive text to the title (ex: Novice, Masters A, 2nd Varsity). Each event can be configured to have a capacity, handicap, lightweight designation, or age categories. 

  2. Set Dates & Deadlines - Dates and deadlines are very important for your regatta. In addition to a Standard Registration period, you can set dates & times for an Early or a Late Registration Period. If necessary, due dates for Payment, Line-ups, and Waivers can be indicated as well.

  3. Post important information - Upload your regatta packets to the Overview page, a course map on the Venue page and up-to-date information on the News page. You can utilize any of the pages to communicate additional information like Directors & Parking, Local Attractions, and Info for Vendors. Information on using our CMS editor can be found here.

  4. Customize your regatta - There are certain configurations which will help you set up the regatta to best meet your needs. Those include: making it an Invitational, setting a Custom Entry Deadline for specific people, giving certain teams an alternate entry fee, and if payment is required, allowing certain people to bypass the initial payment.

  5. Monitor compliance reports - The staff section of your regatta can provide you with vast amounts of information. The Athlete Waiver Report and Tracking Paper Waivers tools can be used to monitor waiver compliance. Print out Lightweight and Coxswain Weigh-In Sheets.

  6. Keep track of your money - The Payment Ledger can be used to view fees and payments on a team by team basis. There are also two payment reports in the Reports section (one opens in Excel).

  7. Monitor Entries - The Entries & Waitlist Manager can be very useful in the days leading up to your regatta. Scratching or moving an entry through this feature will prompt you to send an email to the entrant.

  8. Export Data for heat sheets and timing - You may need to grant staff access to your timing staff. Click on the "Add/Remove Administrators" link on the staff page.

  9. Submit results - Competitors and coaches love to see results posted quickly after the regatta. Read up on how to upload the files. Note: there are size restrictions on the files, so you may need to do some editing to decrease the size.

These tips are just guidelines - every regatta is run differently. Remember that we are happy to help at every step of the process. Contact information is listed below.


Phone: 614-360-2922


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