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Note: This page is for regatta organizers who have staff access to their regatta.


The Custom Entry Deadline feature allows you to create a specific registration window for specific Account Holders. It can also be used to allow line-up editing after the Registration Window closes. 

Video Guide

Creating a Custom Entry Deadlines

In order to create a Custom Entry Deadline, you will need to go to your regatta's page, and click the "Staff Links" link in the sidebar. This is what you should see: 

  • Click on the "Custom Entry Deadlines" link, and it should bring you to the page below: 

  • To create the "Custom Entry Deadline" you can click on where it says "Account Holder" to show a drop-down of all people who have added the regatta to their account.
  • If you are wanting to create a Custom Entry Deadline for someone who isn't on that list, you will need their Username.
  • Enter their Username into the "Username" field. Then, click on the empty box below "Entry Deadline." Select the date by navigating between months and select a time by moving the sliders. Once both the Date and Time are set, click the "Done" button.

  • Once  you have the Username selected in the drop-down, or entered in the text field, and the date & time selected, click the "Submit" button. 

  • You will see a success message at the top of the page if it is successful.
  • If you see a red error box, then please review the Username you entered to ensure it is correct (ie no spaces or extra symbols on the end). 
  • Once the Deadline Date & Time pass, they will no longer have access to make entries or edit their line-ups. 

To remove late entry permission click the red circle to the left of the person's name.


Please call 614-360-2922 or email with any questions.

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