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Creating an accurate Event List is important to the registration process. Selecting a shell size of '1x' instead of '8+' will leave registrants scratching their heads when trying to submit a line-up for an eight. Be sure to review the event list and confirm the shell size and gender selected match the shell size and gender reflected in the event name. Events can be "dragged and dropped" into a new order, times and event numbers can be changed and events can be deleted. 

Note: This page is for regatta organizers who have staff access to their regatta.

Adding an Event

  1. Go to Edit tab on the Event List page
    1. NOTE: Click the 'hide' link in the blue box at the top of the page if you want to keep the event list hidden while you make changes
  2. Select the desired attributes which describe the event

    1.  For Example: Women's HS Varsity 8+
  3. Once the desired attributes have been selected, you can edit the Title, if need be
    1. For Example: the Womens HS Varsity 8+ can become the Girls High School Varsity 8+
  4. When the shell size is selected, the Fee should pre-populate
    1. if it does not or the fee is incorrect, enter the desired fee
  5. Click 'Add'
  6. Repeat steps 2 - 5 as needed
  7. When you are ready to publish the Event List, click the 'display' link in the blue box at the top of the page

 NOTE: To add an Other item to the Event List, such as a note or break, click the blue other link above the race attribute box

  1. Enter a Description (i.e. Lunch, Coxswain Meeting)
  2. Click 'Add'

Selecting the event date (for multi-day regattas)

  1. In the 'Day' column, select where the day is listed
  2. Once you select the day, a box will pop up
  3. Select the correct day from the drop down list and 'save'

Edit an existing event

  1. Click on the Title of the event you wish to edit
  2. A pop-up editor box will appear
    1. See Description of Event Editor tabs below
  3. Make the changes then click 'OK'

Description of Event Editor tabs




Event #

The event number can be manually updated here.

*If you have rearranged the order of the schedule you should close out of the individual event editor window and check off the 'Update event numbers to reflect the new order' box before you hit the 'Save' button.

Event Title

This name should reflect the boat configuration selected when you first created the event (an eight should stay an eight, etc.) but you can change the wording of the title to pretty much anything. For example, the 'Mixed Open 4+' in the picture above could be renamed 'Open Mixed Four - Sponsored Trophy Event'.
Event CodeYou can enter an event code which is similar to an abbreviation of the event name.
StatusThis allows you to set whether users can register for certain events (open vs. closed). You can also set events to require an application.
Entry Form


Set whether line-ups will be collected on the entry form.

Note: In order for USRowing sanctioned regattas to use the online waiver system you will need to collect line-ups on the entry form.


Collection of birthdates can be mandatory, required or not required. Setting this to mandatory means that entrants will not be able to add an athlete on the entry form without providing a birthday. Not required means that they can save the entry without birthdays but that they will be prompted to enter them later. Not required means that the birthday field is optional.

Note: Due to USRowing requirements if a club is a USRowing organizational member or based in Canada the entrant will need to enter a birthday in order to add a new athlete on the entry form. This rule will override the setting in the event list.

Rank/SeedYou can disable the collection of rank or seed if you do not need them for your event.

Custom Boat Label


Allow Editing




Require Bio/Require Coach

Checking this box will render a text box on the entry form where entrants can type in a custom boat label. This will override the boat label (first initial, last name) that we usually provide in the reports. This feature could be useful for Row for the Cure events where boats typically like to row under special team names.


If turned off, the user may not make any changes to their entry once it is submitted.


Select how you would like to handle scratches. Allow users to scratch up until the entry deadline, or instruct that they must contact you for any scratches, regardless of the deadline.


There will be fields on the form for the athlete to list their coach and/or a short biography. Check the box if you would like to require the fields to be completed.


Entry FeeThis is the fee applied to boats entered during the normal registration period.
Alternate FeeTo learn how to allot special entry fees or discounts to specific teams click here.
Early Discount

Enter the amount of the discount here. For example, if your standard fee is $50.00, but you would like early registrants to pay $40.00 you would enter $10.00 into the Early Discount box.

Note: You will need to configure an early entry period in the Dates & Deadlines section if you want to use this feature.

Late Fee

Enter the amount of the late fee here. The amount entered in this box will be added on to the amount of the regular entry fee.

Note: Late fees are currently entered as line item adjustments, so you can delete them if you would like for a certain entrant to not have to pay the late entry fee. This can be done through the Payment Ledger.

FormulaSelect the handicap model for the event (if applicable).
MultiplierEnter the multiplier based on the race distance.
Caps & Limits
Entry Cap

Select a number from the drop down menu if you need to cap the total number of entries in the event. You can also consider auto-capping for your regatta.

Max Entries/Club


Max Waitlists,


Applications/ Club


Exclude from Athlete Cap

Use this option to limit the number of entries allowed for each club in the event.


Use those options to limit the number of waitlists, petitions, and applications per club in the event.




If you event has an 'Athlete Cap' set, you can chose to exclude athletes entered in the event from that cap.


Allow Composites

All events except for singles will default to allowing composites. Uncheck this box if composite entries are not allowed in the event.
Allow UnaffiliatedUncheck this box if 'Unaffiliated' entries are not allowed in the event.
LightweightCheck this box if the event is a lightweight event. Events designated as 'lightweight' will be included in the Lightweight Weigh-In Report on the Staff page.
Age Category

This will enable compliance on the entry form to review competitor ages. A registrant will not be able to save the entry if one or more athletes is outside of the designated age range

To use:

  1. Select an age category from the list. Many age models are already in the database, but please contact your RegattaCentral account manager if you need to add one.
  2. Minimum and Maximum Athlete Age, and Minimum and Maximum Crew Age will appear below the drop down menu.
    1. Select 'Allow' to show a warning when an out-of-range athlete is selected. The registrant will be able to proceed with registration of an out-of-range athlete or crew. The warning message to display to the registrant can be entered into the text box.
    2. Select 'Forbid' if no out-of-range athletes or crews should be allowed to register for the event.


 This feature allows you to set up prerequisites through our club management services. These are typically used for regattas that have affiliate fees which need to be paid before the organization is allowed to submit entries. Contact us for help setting this up.
 This section allows you to add notes that will be visible on the entry form.


General Notes

To re-order the events:

  • place the cursor anywhere on the row, other than the Title or Time (you should see a four way arrows icon)
  • left click to drag and drop the event into the desired position
  • check the box to 'Update event numbers to reflect the new order', if need be
  • click Save

To edit the times:

  • click on the Time to the right of the event number
  • enter the time and click OK
  • NOTE: To zero out a time, enter 12:00AM

To delete an event:

  • click the red circle located to the left of the Event #
  • If the event is not removed after confirming the deletion, please contact RegattaCentral for assistance. There is a likely a draft entry in the event which is prohibiting the deletion.


Please call 614-360-2922 or email with any questions!


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