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  • Listing a Regatta on RegattaCentral
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To list your regatta on RegattaCentral or to inquire about pricing, send an email to with the following information. 

Required Information

  • Regatta Name:
  • Host Organization:
  • Date of event:
  • Primary Contact:
  • Email of Primary Contact:
  • Event type (Sprint, Head, etc.):
  • Venue (body of water):
  • Payee (if different than host):
  • Payee Address:

There is additional information you can provide, which are listed below:

  • Phone of Primary Contact:
  • Categories of events offered (Jr, HS, Open, Masters):
  • URL of host website:
  • URL of event website:
  • Entry fees for each boat type:
  • Late entry fees (if applicable):
  • Username of RC Account to be assigned Admin Access:


If you would like to re-list a regatta on RC, send an email to your Account Manager or to Indicate the new date(s) for the current year, as well as whether you would like to copy the information (i.e. Event List, Fees, News) from the previous year to get started. Once the regatta is re-listed, your account will be given administrative access so you can begin making any necessary changes or additions. 


Please call 614-360-2922 or email with any questions

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