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Note: This page is for regatta organizers who have staff access to their regatta.


Alternate fee options are available so that Regatta Administrators can allow specialized rates for certain groups; below is a step-by-step guide on this process for your convenience. 

Directions for Establishing Special Entry Fees

  1. Go to RegattaCentral
  2. On the left hand side of your dashboard find your regatta name and click 'staff' next to it. 
  3. Click the 'overview' page from the left side of the screen under information. 
  4. Click on the lower 'Edit' tab of the two that appear.
  5. Scroll to the 'Price Models' table and click on the 'Edit' on the name of the shell type that you want to edit the fees for.
  6. Change the 'Alternate Fee' box to reflect the amount that you want special clubs to pay. 
  7. Click 'Save'
  8. On the bottom left of the page click 'update'
  9. Click on 'Quick Links' under Staff in the left-hand menu.
  10. Click on the link for 'Teams with Special Entry Fees'
  11. Start typing in the name of a team you want to receive the alternate price. A drop-down menu will appear with names for you to choose from. Click the correct one.
  12. Click 'Submit'
  13. The team should now appear in the right box entitled 'Teams receiving Discount'. You can add as many clubs as you want to receive the Alternate Fees that you indicate in the Event List editor for each event.


For assistance, please contact your RegattaCentral Account Manager. If you need help finding their information, please contact [email protected] with "Please forward to Account Manager" in subject line or call 614-360-2922.

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