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Occasionally you may want to change the look and feel of your roster. You can adjust the order, width, and sorting of your roster columns. Your changes save automatically.

Directions for Adjusting Roster Columns

On this example roster there are two things that a user may want to change.

  1. The column order.Here we will move Last Name to the other side of First Name. Click on the header of the column and drag it to where you want the column to be.
    1. It looks like this now:
  2. The column width. In the above example part of the email address is cut off, so we will widen that column by hovering over the border of the column header until we see an arrow symbol. Then click and drag until it is the desired width. 
    1. Here is what it looks like now (arrows mark where you can drag from):

Another thing you might want to change is the sorting of the columns.

  1. Click on the column header to sort by that category.
  2. Then you can hover over the column name until you see the arrow
  3. Click on the arrow then select 'Sort Ascending' or 'Sort Descending'
    1. You can also use the columns menu to unselect/select columns that you want to see in your roster



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