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The RegattaCentral Staff Portal is a great tool for Regattas seeking a more integrated, efficient approach to regatta operations.  With the ability to scale according to services utilized within the RegattaCentral system the Staff Portal has the ability to be a central resource of operations for regatta staff and volunteers.  The Staff Portal can be divided into two categories - the "Core Functions" which are tied to many of the basic services used by regattas in RegattaCentral, and "Additional Features" which are associated with stations that are tied with specialized features that regattas can take advantage of with the RegattaCentral services.  The More information about Staff Portal features below:

Access Control

The Staff Portal has the ability to control various ranges of access and permissions granted to staff and volunteers so that each user has access to everything they need for their duties, and nothing they don't.  The roles range from Administrator - giving access to staff needing full access to each station, to station restricted access for volunteers.  For stations like Registration, Weigh-In, and Awards the stations will also keep a record of any user that accesses an entry or file and the action that user performed. The access roles and times periods can be designated in the Volunteer Coordinator station within the Staff Portal.

Core Staff Portal Functionality

The 'Core' Staff Portal Functions are services with in the Staff Portal that are most likely to be useful to any regatta using the standard RegattaCentral registration features.  The Core features are:

  • Director - Allows for general overview of regatta registrations, ability to push messaging to registered mobile users and the mobile app (if applicable), and search for emergency contacts for individuals and organizations

  • Registration - A centralized tool to manage registrations in an efficient paperless process.  Teams can check in, manage lineups, and waivers - while staff can quickly and easily track registration statuses 

  • Weigh-In - With similar functionality to the Registration station, the Weigh In station allows for staff to manage and record weigh ins for crews and individual entries.

  • Volunteer Coordinator - The Volunteer Coordinator station allows staff to manage the access of staff and volunteers, including the permissions and restrictions on a group and individual basis.

  • Medals & Awards - The Medals & Awards station allows staff to easily track teams/individuals who have claimed their medals/awards.  This station includes crew information and functions for events that hold formal awards ceremonies for winners.

  • Results Confirmation - The Results Confirmation station is tied to the Medals & Awards station - this station allows staff to confirm top finishing crews based on results fed from the timing system to the Staff Portal through the RegattaCentral API, or pulled through the entries data.  

  • Results Management - The Results Manager Station on the Staff Portal allows Administrators to enter, review, and publish results. 

Additional Staff Portal Stations/Functionality

This section contains stations within the staff portal that are tied to additional services within RegattaCentral such as Volunteer Registration, Hospitality Services, and Apps powered by RegattaCentral. Select a station from the directory to learn more about that station and it's functions.

  • Hospitality Check-In - for events using RegattaCentral for hospitality ticket sales, a station is available in the staff portal for ticketing/check-in to those hospitality areas

  • News and Announcements - a feature that pairs with mobile apps powered by RegattaCentral, this station allows staff to push news/media to the mobile app

  • Sponsor Editor - this station allows for staff to edit sponsor details which are visible in mobile apps powered by RegattaCentra

  • Starting Line - the Starting Line feature is a station being developed which allows staff at the start line to see updated listings of crews' registration status (checked-in or scratched) and launch status from stations

  • Trailer Check-In - events that require registration for team trailers for organization/management can use the Trailer Check-In to manage and keep track of information regarding arriving trailers and locations

  • Vendor Editor - The Vendor Editor station allows for staff to edit details of vendors and mark their locations in the Venue Map available in event mobile apps.

  • Venue Map Editor - the Venue Map editor allows staff to edit the venue map in the mobile app powered by RegattaCentral.  Staff can mark locations like docks, registration, shuttle stops, etc to allow users to navigate the regatta site better

  • Volunteer Check-In - For events using RegattaCentral to register and manage volunteers, this station allows a central location to check in and track volunteer statuses at the event.

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