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Provided below are links to useful guides and resources for users and club, camp & regatta administrators 


Account Help

  • How to create an Account
  • Recovering your Username and/or Resetting your Password
  • How to update your Account Information

Regatta Registration

  • How to submit an entry
  • How to pay for entries
  • How to manager your roster

Club or Camp Registration

  • How to register for a Camp, Club, Clinic, or Venue service
  • What is a participant
  • How to use a Coupon Code

Regatta Admins: Configuration and Settings 

  • What is the process to list
  • How to create and edit events
  • How to add a document to the Overview page

Club/Camp Admins: Configuration and Settings

  • What is the process to list
  • How to create services
  • How to create and provisions fields

If you are not able to find an answer to your question, please click here to submit a support ticket regarding your question. 

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