This is the wiki for using Regatta Workbench, a free timing system for regattas.

Regatta Workbench is not a RegattaCentral product.  The RegattaCentral support team is not responsible for supporting Regatta Workbench or answering questions.  Please see the Regatta Workbench website http://regattaworkbench.com/ for more help.

RegattaCentral recommends that all users of Regatta Workbench upgrade to version 3.2.12 or later.  This is the currently supported (by Regatta Workbench) version and does not require the use of the RegattaCentral plugin.

For customers still on Regatta Workbench V2.4, you must now use the RegattaCentral plug-in to import data from RegattaCentral.  The manual about how to use that is below.   However, RegattaCentral nor Regatta Workbench can provide support for this combination any longer.  

Browse the pages below for help with using the software.


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