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This feature allows club administrators to grant full and partial administrative access to individual users. Users who are granted administrative access can see the 'Club/Clinic Staff' box on their homepage. Users with full 'Administrator' access can see all configuration tools, reports and member management. Users with 'Coach (limited)' access can view the 'Participants by Service' and 'Registrations by Service' reports; 'Manage Participants & Members'; and the 'Applied Discounts' and 'Applied Coupons' reports. Users with 'Reports (limited)' access can see only the 'Participants by Service' and 'Registrations by Service' reports.

Administrative Roles


AdministratorCoach (limited)Reports (limited)
Services, Fields, Periods, Groups & DiscountsX

Shells, Equipment & FacilitiesX

Staff & AdminstratorsX

Manage > Participants & MembersXX

Accounts with Open BalancesX

Daily ActivityX

Participants by ServiceXXX
Registrations by ServiceXXX
Applied DiscountsXX

Applied CouponsXX

General Ledger Accounting SummaryX



To Add Staff Access:


  1. Click on the red button to the left of the person's name
  2. Click the OK button when it asks you whether you want to remove administrative privileges for the user



  • United States & Canada: 614-360-2922Australia: +61 2 6100 4216


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