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  1. Login to RegattaCentral
    1. The Getting Started page provides assistance with account creation if you do not have a Username/Password
  2. Click the 'add affiliation' link in the Affiliations box located on the right side of the home page
  3. In the pop-up window either type in an affiliation to search, or click Add Unaffiliated to your account - this will populate the field with Unaffiliated
    1. Unaffiliated rowers can then click the 'OK' button
  4. To search for a team or club type at least 4 characters to start the search. The search feature will search for club name, abbreviation or city.
    1. Many clubs are already in the database. Please try multiple spellings if your club does not appear immediately.
      1. Examples of Common Errors
        1. PuncuationPunctuation/Abbreviation: St., St, Saint
        2. Apostrophes: Marcs, Marc's
        3. Word Order: Rowing Club of Any Town instead of Any Town Rowing Club
        4. Incorrect abbreviation: ATRowing instead of ATRC or Any Town Rowing Club
  5. Click on the correct organization and click 'OK'
  6. The club (or 'Unaffiliated') should now be listed in the Affiliations box, and under regattas listed in the Regatta Calendar & Entries
  7. If a user's organization is not in our system it can be added by clicking the 'Unable to find your club?' tab in the 'Add Affiliation' box. Users will be forced to search for the team or club before the system will allow for a new organization to be added. This process helps us minimize duplicate organizational listings in the database.