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USRowing launched a new waiver portal on January 1, 2012. This replaces the old waiver system that involved codes found in RegattaCentral accounts. The new waiver process uses Club Codes that are provided to club administrators by USRowing. These codes are to be distributed to the team by the administrator. If you are unable to obtain your Club Code from a team administrator please contact USRowing at 1-800-314-4769 or via email at [email protected]


How to sign the USRowing Waiver

  1. Go to to
  2. Look in the 'AthletesIndividuals' box on the right left side of the page and select 'Sign Waiver'
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  3. On the next page you will be prompted to enter your 'club code' or your can search with an individual USRowing number if it is known (the club code will be provided to you by your club administrator).
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  4. You will then be prompted to enter the athlete's last name and birthdate. You can use the date widget or manually enter the DOB. The DOB must be in the following form: mm/dd/yyyy. Select 'next' to proceed
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  5. If there is an existing USRowing record, it will be displayed. Select the record and hit 'next'.  If there is more than one record, this typically means that you have signed multiple waivers in the past and were given a new USRowing Member ID number each time. If there is a record that says 'Paid Membership' select that record to update. If not, select the oldest waiver only membership to update. **If it says no record can be found, select 'next' to create a new record**
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  6. The next several steps will ask for athlete information such as contact information, emergency contact etc. After each step is completed select 'next'.
  7. You will then be prompted to complete a short safety quiz. Your quiz results will not effect your ability to complete the waiver.
  8. Agree to the waiver terms and click the 'agree' box at the bottom of the page and hit 'Submit'.
  9. You will see a confirmation screen saying the waiver is complete. A confirmation email will be sent to the athlete's email address and will also include the athlete's USRowing number (if a new record was created). Please make note of the number for your records.'Join' or 'Members'
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    1. Select 'Join'

    2. Enter athlete information

      1. NOTE: Be sure to enter your organization to be added to teams roster. Some clubs are 'locked' and you will need the 'Club Code' to add yourself to the roster. Your club administrator/coach can provide that information to you.

    3. If a record is found, select either 'Access' or 'Join'. (If you select 'Access' please see the 'Returning Members' instructions-take note of your 'Member Number', that is your 'username')

    4. If no record found, you will automatically be directed to the next step.

    5. Select a membership level (most athletes only need the free, 'Basic Membership')

    6. Follow steps to complete membership and waiver process. A confirmation will be emailed to you when complete.


    1. Select 'Members' and proceed to login page. Your 'username' is your USRowing 'Member Number' (there is a 'forgot username' link that will help you look it up)

    2. Complete login— if you do not have a password, select ‘forgot password’ and a reset link will be emailed to you

    3. Once password reset, login

    4. Select a ‘membership type’ (most athletes only need the ‘basic’ free membership)

    5. Complete member information and hit ‘submit’

    6. Follow steps to complete waiver process

    7. Athletes will receive email confirmation when process complete


For technical support please call RegattaCentral at 614-360-2922 or email us at [email protected].


For questions regarding the waiver or club codes please contact USRowing at 1-800-314-4769 or via email at [email protected]

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