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  1. Go to and click 'Login' to enter your Username and Password
  2. Click the 'add regatta' link located in the 'Regatta Calendar & Entries' box on the left side of your screen to add regattas on your calendar
    1. You can choose regattas you want to register and submit entries for, or you may choose regattas that you want to easily access. Once added to your calendar the regatta will be saved in your account.
  3. Click on the 'register' link to the right of the club or team you wish to register under
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    2. Click here for directions if you wish to register under an affiliation that is not yet listed
  4. Alternatively, you can access the Registration Form and submit entries through the regatta's page as well
    1. You will then be asked to select the affiliation you'd like to enter under, or select New Club to add an affiliation
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  5. This will bring you to the Registration Form section. Enter or confirm your contact information and click 'SaveUpdate'
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    Click the '
    1. Select Submit
    Entry' link on the My Entries page to view the list of available events
    1. Image RemovedNew Entry, or View My Entries if you have previously submitted entries for the event
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  6. Click the 'Submit Entry' link for the desired event
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  7. Complete the Entry Form and click the 'Save' button
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    2. Notes: Based on Regatta configurations and requirements, the registration form may be different - particularly whether the regatta requires line-ups at the time of entry or not.
  8. You will be directed to this page after submitting, to your cart to review your entries and complete checkout at which time you can go to the payment page , or submit another entry in the same event, or submit an entry in a different event:
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    2. To proceed to checkout hit 'Next', at which point you will be asked for any payment information needed, and to agree to the Regatta's refund policy
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      2. Hit 'Register' to complete the process, you will see the screen below signifying your registration has been completed/successful
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Additional Information: Completing the Entry Form