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RegattaCentral provides organizational and management tools to rowing clubs and regattas. This wiki page covers how to get started using RegattaCentral to submit entries in a regatta.

Video Tutorial

This video provides a quick overview of how to create a free RegattaCentral account.

This video is being updated. Please check back soon.

How to Create an Account

  1. Go to
  2. Click the 'JoinSign up' link located in orange box at the top right-hand of the page
  3. Click the 'Select Club/Team...' link
    1. Select the country in which your club is located using the 'Country' drop down menu
    2. Start typing the name of your team or club in the search box
      1. If you compete as an Unaffiliated athlete select the 'Unaffiliated' option and click 'OK' at the bottom of the window
    3. Click on the name of your club to highlight it then click 'OK'
      1. If the club or team is not listed:
        1. Try simplifying the search terms to expand the list of options (i.e., "Anytown" instead of "Anytown Rowing Club")
        2. If the club or team is still not listed click the 'New Team or Club' tab to add it to our database
  4. Fill in the rest of your account information and click 'Create My Account'
  5. Next you will need to select regattas to add to your calendar. Select any regattas you are interested in, or to which you may want to submit entries. You can also add regattas to your calendar later. Click 'OK' when you are done selecting regattas.

How to Submit Entries

  1. Login using the orange box at the top of the screen if you have a RegattaCentral Username and Password
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  2. Complete the fields on the form
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  3. Click 'Create My Account'
  4. If you forgot your Username or Password click 'Login' in the orange box. the top right-hand of the page.
    1. Use the 'username' link to request that your username be sent via email.
    2. Use the 'password' link to request that a link be sent via email to reset your password.
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How to Submit Entries

  1. Login using the 'Login' at the top of the RegattaCentral homepage.
    1. If you do not have an account follow the instructions in 'How to Create an Account' above.
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  2. Click the 'add regatta' link located in the 'Regatta Calendar & Entries' box on the left side of your screen to add regattas on your calendar
    You can choose regattas you want to register and submit entries for, or you may choose regattas that you want to easily access. Once added to your calendar the regatta will be saved in your account.

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    1. Click on the 'Select a Regatta' search bar; find and select the regatta you wish to register for.
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    2.  If you wish to opt out of any regatta-related emails, uncheck one or more of the checked boxes on the left-hand side. 
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    3. Click 'Add Regatta'
  3. Click on the 'register' link to underneath the right name of the club or team regatta you wish to register underfor. 
    1. Click here for directions if you wish to register under an affiliation that is not yet listed
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  4. This will bring you to the Registration Form section. Enter or confirm your contact information, fill out any empty fields or dropdowns under 'Additional Information and Options' and click 'SaveNext' 
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  5. Click the 'Submit Entry' link on the My Entries page to view the list of available events
  6. Click the 'Submit Entry' link for the desired event
  7. Complete the Entry Form and click the 'Save' button

Further instruction on submitting an entry is available here.



  • United States & Canada: 614-360-2922Australia: +61 2 6100 3601




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