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The term "composite entry" is used to describe any crew which represents more than one team or club. The entry process is slightly different for composite crews because each rower's affiliation (team, club, organization, etc.) must be indicated on the entry form.


Start typing the name of the athlete and a list of options will show up if you have access to athletes through the team-wide roster. If you do not see a list of options, type the first and last name then hit the 'tab' button on your keyboard to open the pop up window where you can provide more information about the athlete. If the information matches a record in the team-wide roster it will latch onto the existing athlete record and give you future access to the record through the entry form and 'roster' link on the Home page.



Waiver Status

If your club is a USRowing member organization then the USRowing number associated with the athlete waiver status will appear when next to the athlete is added to the seat. If this member number is incorrect go to the 'roster' link on your Home page and merge the two athlete records.'s name as you add them to the entry form. Select the record with the most current waiver. If you see multiple records for the athlete, go to your 'Roster' and 'merge'.


RCA Member Numbers

If your club is a Canadian organization you will see an RCA number if it is available. The RegattaCentral entry form and roster communitcate with the RCA member database when an athlete record is created or modified. The RegattaCentral system will fill in the athlete's RCA number if a matching record is found in the RCA database.


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