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To submit an entry you need to get to the My Entries page.

  • To do this you can go to RegattaCentral, login to your account, find the regatta you want to submit entries for, and click "register" next to the affiliation you want to register with (help with that located here).
  • Alternatively you can find the regatta by clicking on it in the list of regattas located in the Regattas tab. Once you are on the regatta's page, click on "Registration Form" in the menu on the left side of your screen (you will be prompted to login if you have not done so already). Select your affiliation and fill out the contact information then hit "Save." It may take you to a list of events from which you can click "Submit Entry" or click on My Entries in the menu on the left.

From the My Entries page this is what you do to submit an entry: