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  1. Login using the orange box at the top of the screen if you have a RegattaCentral Username and Password.
    1. No username? Click "Join" which is located in the same box as the Login button. Fill in your information on the page it directs you to and click "Create My Account."
      1. Add any clubs or teams you are a member of or may race with with the "select affiliation..." link.
    2. If you forgot your Username/Password then click "Login" in the orange box. At the bottom of the small window that pops up there should be a link that says "Forget your password?" Click on this and you will be prompted to enter the email address that is associated with the account that you want to login to. Check your email in a few minutes for an email with the login information.
  2. On the left side of your Home page you should see a box with the header "Regatta Calendar & Entries." Click the link "add regatta" to select regattas to put on your calendar.
    1. You can choose regattas you want to register and submit entries for, or you may just choose regattas that you want to have easy access to.
  3. Click on the "register" link next to the affiliation you wish to register for. Your affiliations that you selected when you signed up should be listed under the regattas. Click here for directions if you wish to register under an affiliation that is not listed yet.
  4.  This This will bring you to the registration form. Fill this out with your contact information and click "Save."
  5. You should now be on the My Entries page and are free to submit entries.