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The first page displays a list of all participants who have registered for a service in the current service period. The report includes columns for number of registrations, most recent account activity, total debits, credits and account balance. NOTE: These columns may display inaccurate information as we continue development of 'item-level' accounting.


Clicking the 'details' link to the left of a participant's name will generate the account details page. This page shows registrations, payments and discounts for the account's participant(s).


  • Add Service: Use this section to add a service to add a service to an account. Select the participant's name, the category of the service, and the name of the service then click 'Submit'. The 'Post Date' will default to the current day, but can be changed to a past date if needed.
  • Add Payment or Adjustment: Use this section to create line-item adjustments to increase or decrease the account's balance.
    • To add a payment or credit to the account enter a positive amount into the 'Amount' field. The 'Check #' field can be left blank if not applicable. The 'Post Date' can be adjusted to reflect the day that the payment was received.
    • To add a debit adjustment to the account enter a negative amount into the 'Amount' field.
  • Apply Coupon: Use this section to apply a coupon to an account. Typically this option will be used if the account holder did not or was not able to apply the coupon code at checkout. 'Participant' and 'Coupon' drop down menus will be visible if one or more coupons have been configured. The 'Post Date' can be adjusted to the day that the registration was completed. Select the Participant name and Coupon then click the 'Submit' button to add the coupon. Coupons can be deleted using the 'delete' link located to the left of the coupon discount in the registration history.
  • *NEW* Notify User: When adding using 'Add Service', 'Add Payment or Adjustment', or 'Apply Coupon' you can select if you would like the user to be notified via email of the changes to their account. It will default to the user being notified.



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  • Australia: +61 2 6100 4216