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Video Tutorial

Instructions For Submitting an Entry

To submit an entry you need to get to the My Entries page.
  • To do this you can go to RegattaCentral, login to your account, find the regatta you want to submit entries for, and click "register" next to the affiliation you want to register with (help with registration is located here).
  • Alternatively you can find the regatta by clicking on it in the Regattas tab. Once you are on the regatta's page, click on "Registration Form" in the menu on the left side of your screen (you will be prompted to login if you have not done so already). Select your affiliation and fill out the contact information then hit "Save." It may take you to a list of events from which you can click "Submit Entry" or click on 'My Entries' in the menu on the left.
From the 'My Entries' page this is how to submit an entry:
  1. Make sure that the correct affiliation is selected in the drop down menu.
  2. Underneath it should say "Registration is OPEN" if registration is open. If it says "Registration is CLOSED" then you will not be able to submit or edit entries (these dates and restrictions are set by the regatta).
  3. Click on the "Submit entry" link.
    1. Click on "Submit composite entry" if you plan on entering athletes from multiple teams (although you are able to select the composite option later in the process). 
  4. Select the event you wish you submit an entry for and click "Submit entry."
  5. Read through the information under Eligibility & Requirements to make sure you will be able to submit your entry.
  6. Select your affiliation(s)
    1.  If you are submitting a composite entry, choose the affiliations of the athletes.
  7. If entering more than one boat in an event, choose which rank to assign to each boat (the "A" boat is typically fastest).
  8. Select athletes for each seat from the drop down menu. The people on this drop down menu are pulled from your RegattaCentral Roster. Click here for information on editing your roster.
    1. Composite entries will need an affiliation for each athlete.
    2. Birthdates should fill in automatically if they are in your roster. If they do not fill in automatically then you can enter them manually and they will be added to your roster.
    3. Most regattas will let you submit entries without birthdates, but you will need to enter them before the registration window closes to avoid issues with the regatta.
  9. The options box allows you to provide some extra information where you can:
    1. Customize your Line-Up Visibility if you want to hide the names in your entries until the registration deadline or until the regatta.
    2. Select the blade that represents your club.
    3. Designate the coach of the crew and write a small biography of the crew (this information is typically used by announcers).
  10. Click "Save"
  11. The page will refresh to a page where you can click links to submit more entries or to look at your invoice/submit payment.

Complete this process for each boat that you need to enter.


Need help? Contact support staff at 614-360-2922 or


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