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Viewing Your Invoice

  1. Login to RegattaCentral
  2. Click the 'my invoice' link under the regatta and next to the affiliation under which you submitted entries.
  3. An invoice will appear showing the number of entries you submitted, what the line-ups are, and the price for each entry.
  4. You are given three payment method options:
    1. Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover)
      1. Clicking 'Credit Card' will bring up an information form for the credit card payment.
      2. When finished entering the necessary payment information, click 'Submit'.
    2. PayPal (PayPal is a free service and many users like to utilize it if they have credit cards that are not accepted by RegattaCentral)
      1. Clicking 'PayPal' will show the PayPal icon at the bottom of the page. Click the icon.
        1. NOTE: In order to pay using PayPal you must first check off the box that reads 'I understand that RegattaCentral does not provide refunds.'
      2. RegattaCentral will now relocate the user to PayPal's checkout where you will have to enter the appropriate information in order to proceed with your payment.
    3. Check
      1. The user has the option of mailing in a check of their payment.
      2. You must print off a copy of the invoice and mail the check to the address provided. Checks are sent to the regatta host, NOT RegattaCentral.
    NOTE: You can also access your Invoice through the regatta's page, in the Registration section:



  • United States & Canada: 614-360-2922
  • Australia: +61 2 6100 4216



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