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RegattaCentral allows club and program administrators to list their team's boats and facilities online. Club members can then use the Reservations link on the homepage to reserve boats, rooms, etc.

Note: These instructions are for club administrators who have staff access to their club's management resources


  1. Go to RegattaCentral and Log In.
  2. On the bottom left click on the link that says 'Shells, Equipment & Facilities'. 
  3. Select the Category that you want to view from the drop down menu.
  4. From there you can add and edit information about boats, club equipment and rooms. To add a listing:
    1. Click on 'New'
    2. Fill out the information using the drop down menus and text boxes
    3. Click 'Update'

Members of your club are now able to click on 'Reservations' from their home page and sign up to use boats, equipment and rooms.



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