The team-wide roster is used to store information about members of rowing organizations. This roster can be used to update member information, categorize members as Active or Inactive (Archived), and monitor USRowing waiver status for USRowing member organizations.

Most account holders will see only member records that they have added to the roster or used in line-ups. Full access to the roster is limited to authorized accounts to protect the privacy of member information. Contact RegattaCentral support if you believe your account should be granted full access to the team-wide roster.

Recent updates to the appearance of the roster were published in preparation for future enhancements. The grid view of the roster is now limited to the left half of the screen. Athlete information can be edited in the 'Athlete Detail' section on the right side of the screen. To view or edit athlete information double click the athlete's name, or click on the name to highlight the row then click the 'View' button.

Additional Features

Additional features are available above the grid view on the left side of the screen.

To use these features you may need to select multiple rows.

  • To select multiple consecutive rows hold the 'Shift' key while selecting a range of records
  • To select multiple non-consecutive rows hold the 'Control' key ('Command' on a Mac) then click on each row



Please contact RegattaCentral Support if you need assistance using any of these features.


  • 1-800-314-4769