Thank you for choosing RegattaCentral to host your regatta! A number of our regatta clients elect to have a per athlete fee instead of or in addition to a per boat (per entry) fee. Below is a step-by-step guide for creating and editing the per athlete fee.

How to Create a Per Athlete Fee

Please note registrants will have to go through registration to apply the per athlete fee model, it will not retro-actively or automatically apply.

  1. Login using the 'Login' at the top of the RegattaCentral homepage.
    1. If you do not have an account follow the instructions in 'How to Create an Account
  2. Locate your regatta under 'Regatta Calendar and Entries' on the left side of your dashboard. Select 'overview' from underneath the regatta name. 
  3. Select the lower 'edit' tab on the overview page of the regatta. 
  4. Underneath 'Registration Form Questions' select 'Add New Registration Form Question
  5. See below for suggested question format:
    1. Section Header: Type a title, such as Per Athlete Fee. 
    2. Sub Section: Leave blank or type a sub title. 
    3. Question: Entrants will need to answer this question with how many athletes they have participating so ask something similar to : how many athletes from your organization are competing? 
    7. Under cost enter your per athlete fee
    8. select applicable taxes or leave empty.
  6. Select 'Save'
  7. Under price models on the right hand side of the page select 'add new price model'
    1. If you have additional price models, any event on the event list with that price model selected will be charged that entry fee in addition to the per athlete fee. 
  8. See below for suggested format:
    1. Title: Per Athlete Fee or something similar 
    2. Standard: ENTER 0
  9. Select 'save'
  10. Select 'update' from the bottom left hand side of the page to save the changes you have made. 
  11. Select 'event list' from the left hand side of the regatta page
  12. Select the 'edit' tab at the top of the event list page
  13. If you HAVE NOT created your event list yet:

    1. If you are copying events over from a prior year or creating a new event you will see price model
    2. To have just the per athlete fee select the price model that you created in the steps above.
    3. To have an additional entry fee select the price model for the appropriate fee (1x, 2x/-, etc.)
  14. If you HAVE CREATED your event list: 

    1. Select the title of the event
    2. Select the 'fees' tab
    3. Select the fee model you made in the above steps from the drop down or select the fee additional fee model you would like to apply. 
    4. Select 'ok' to save
  15. Once you have updated the event list your per athlete fee model is ready to go. 


For assistance, please contact your RegattaCentral Account Manager. If you need help finding their information, please contact [email protected] with "Please forward to Account Manager" in subject line or call 614-360-2922.