This report uses General Ledger Account Numbers (GLA#) to group services. This grouping can be used to view income across multiple services that have been coded with the same GLA#. GLA#'s typically match what is used in the club's accounting software (such as Quickbooks).



In the screenshot below, 'Test Camp II - Summer Learn to Row' and 'Test Camp III - Summer Learn to Row' have been coded with the same GLA# and GLA Sub#. This indicates that the items belong under the same income group in the club's accounting software.

Adding a GLA# and GLA Sub#

  1. Click on 'Services, Fields, Periods, Groups & Discounts'
  2. Go to the 'Services Catalog' tab to add the GLA#.
  3. Click on the catalog item's title, enter the number into the 'GLA#' field, then click 'OK'
  4. Go the 'Services' tab to add the GLA Sub #
  5. Click on the service title, enter the sub-number into the 'GLA Sub#' field, then click 'OK'
  6. The combined number will now appear in the 'GLA#' column